Padel court installation. Euroindoor – EPAD003


The Euroindoor Padel Courts have been designed for the practicing of this sport in indoors installations.

The padel courts have been elaborated following the corresponding norms and regulations (NIDE 2004 Paddle), regulations and norms of the F.E.P. (Spanish Paddle Federation) and structural calculations based on the official Technical Building Code (TBC).


The main structure of the padel court is made of 100x60x2mm and 60x60x2 laminated / hot rolled steel profiles with quality S-275-JR and S-235-JR.

The structural system of the padel court is composed of 26 support posts, each of which is resting on an individual ground socket plate and with reinforcing support plates (profile of 100x60x2 for the posts supporting the glass closure.)

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